Four of the Most Popular Cabinet Door Styles

Four of the Most Popular Cabinet Door Styles

Getting tired of your kitchen? Ready for an overhaul, but don't want to go through the expense and disruption of a complete remodel? Then Kitchen Tune-Up just might be perfect for you! We offer kitchen design services that make use of your existing floor plan and cabinetry to create a new look and feel for your kitchen. Cabinet redooring is a great way to update your kitchen without a huge expense or significant downtime. The following are some of the most popular cabinet door styles.

Shaker Doors

Shaker cabinets are among the most popular door designs and are often found in new construction. Named after the Shaker furniture style, these doors are created from a four-piece frame surrounding a flat center panel. The result is a clean, simple design that suggests utility and function. Shaker doors look great in natural wood, or with a painted finish. 

Inset cabinet doors offer a distinctive look because they sit flush with the surrounding cabinetry. Unlike most door styles where the doors and drawers sit on top of the surrounding wood, inset doors are carefully constructed to fit within the door openings. 

Raised Panel Doors

As the name suggests, raised panel doors feature a center panel that is raised, instead of flat. The edging of a raised panel cabinet door is often finished with a contoured or beveled edge, adding to the appeal of the piece. This style offers a lot of detail and is a good fit for classic, traditional or transitional kitchen designs. Another benefit of a raised panel door is the ability to add additional depth by using paint or stain to accent the panel edging. 

Slab Doors

Slab doors are the simplest of designs and are a great fit for modern or contemporary styles. Because there is no depth to these door and drawer fronts, unique hardware is a great way to add visual appeal. Slab doors are available in a wide range of wood and laminate materials and can be ordered in a variety of colors and levels of sheen. 

Recessed Panel

Recessed panel doors add an intriguing visual depth to your cabinetry and work well in any room of the house. Center panels may be outlined with simple or more elaborate profiles.

At Kitchen Tune-Up, our staff is always available to assist with any kitchen design questions. We can help you navigate the available redooring options to find the best fit for your needs and budget. A new kitchen update is an exciting process, and we look forward to working with you to create the kitchen of your dreams!

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