How Professional Chefs Set Up Their Home Kitchen

How Professional Chefs Set Up Their Home Kitchen

Any home cook who loves to spend time in the kitchen knows the pain of trying to prepare a proper meal in a poorly designed space. But when a kitchen is easy-to-use, with everything conveniently within reach and enough space, cooking for family and friends becomes one of life's little pleasures. Discover how professional chefs set up their own kitchens and get a few ideas for your next kitchen remodel. 

The Three Most Important Parts of a Kitchen

The pros covet counter space. Chefs know that you can never have too much work space in a kitchen. That means squeezing in a few extra square feet of tabletop is priority number one when designing your new kitchen. You can easily and inexpensively add extra counter space by purchasing a commercial-quality prep table to use as an island in your kitchen. 

No matter how much counter space you have, make sure that your counters are the proper height for prepping food without injury. Determine the best height for your counters by standing a foot from a table and extending your arms at a 45-degree downward angle while holding your hands flat. The height of your hands is the ideal counter height for you. 

The pros hate a mess. Seasoned chefs drill their young trainees with the mantra, “Time to lean, time to clean." From a line cook to the chef, every kitchen professional takes great pride in a properly organized “mise en place”. Mise en place is French for “everything in its place,” and it is the cornerstone of a quality kitchen whether it is at a Michelin-starred restaurant or in a tiny NYC studio apartment. 

Chefs know that you can never have too much work space in a kitchen. That means squeezing in a few extra square feet of tabletop is priority number one when designing your new kitchen.

Keep your home’s kitchen clean and organized by making sure that there is a home for everything. Storing ingredients in the same place in the fridge makes shopping easier and always washing and putting away your pots, pans, tools and knives as soon as you are done with them ensures they are ready for use when you need them next. Adding hanging pot racks and plenty of pull out drawers provides plenty of space for everything.

The pros put safety first. Kitchens are inherently dangerous places. Professional chefs know when a kitchen does not have a good layout, it not only makes it more difficult to cook but can also increase the chance of getting hurt. 

When you are cooking at home with your friends or family, it is important to give enough space to each person in the kitchen to avoid accidents. In a commercial kitchen, each cook has a specific station, or zone, to work, You can create a similar concept by creating spaces for dedicated tasks like prepping, cooking and washing up allowing more than one person to work together without getting in each other’s way.

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