Remodeling On a Budget in 2018

Remodeling On a Budget in 2018

A complete kitchen remodel can be expensive, but that doesn't mean there are not ways you can upgrade without draining your bank account. Whether you want to change the cabinets, renew your current cabinets or add storage to your kitchen, it is possible while sticking to a reasonable budget. 

Low-Cost Remodels

For smaller budgets, you should focus on improving the cosmetic appeal of the existing kitchen. While a limited budget will not allow you to replace your current cabinets or counters, you have several options which will be able to revitalize your kitchen:

  • Try the 1 Day Tune-Up to bring old, worn cabinets back to life. The 1 Day Tune-Up starts with a proprietary wood reconditioning process to eliminate grease, food, smoke and wax buildup from your cabinets. Next, cabinet experts will revitalize the faded areas of your cabinets with color matching touch-ups. During the last step, they will apply a coat of protective oil. By the end of the day, your cabinets will look almost as good as new.  
  • To complete the updated look, replace the hardware on your cabinets. You can find new hardware pulls for a few dollars a piece. With just a screwdriver and a few hours of your time, you can change your kitchen's look dramatically. 

Cabinet redooring is a great option if you love the color of your current cabinets but are thinking about changing the style of the door and drawer fronts. Simply choose the look you want, and the professionals will install them with new hardware.

Medium-Cost Remodels

Homeowners who are able to spend a little more money can opt for cabinet refacing for a completely new look:

  • Cabinet refacing starts with removing all of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts while keeping your original cabinet boxes. Professionals will install new cabinet doors and drawer fronts along with new hardware to create the look of brand new cabinets without the expense or time. Then the experts finish the job with a coat of paint, stain or even a veneer of your choice. 
  • Cabinet redooring is a great option if you love the color of your current cabinets but are thinking about changing the style of the door and drawer fronts. Simply choose the look you want, and the professionals will install them with new hardware.
  • Why not increase your storage options by selecting the Refacing Plus™ option?  Refacing Plus™ allows you to add new matching cabinets or an island at an affordable price. 

Higher-Cost Remodels

People who are looking for a complete upgrade to their kitchen can't go wrong with custom cabinets. While this option comes with the highest price and takes the most time to complete, most customers find it is worth it to finally have the kitchen of their dreams. 

No matter what the size of your kitchen or budget, Kitchen Tune-Up in Columbus, GA can help. One call to Kitchen Tune-Up is all it takes to arrange a friendly and free in-home estimate. Their kitchen experts can guide you through the entire process. Call 706-663-2000 to learn more.